Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Crazy Tteok in Hongdae

This restaurant was recommended by Feia and she brought me and her sister for lunch after a leisure walk on a cool and breezy winter day around Hongdae Graffiti stretch.


Nadiah and Feia in front of the Crazy Tteok.

This was during winter 2013..around February.

The restaurant's ambiance is quite good, playing with red and yellow as the principal color of a pot of spicy tteokbokki. Nyammmmm!!

Don't forget to wear your apron!

The tteokbokki we had was quite delicious. The seafood portion was aplenty but somehow... lacking at least to my taste bud but Nadiah and Feia loved it. We ordered the seafood tteokbokki set and it came with tempura or twigim set.

I emphasized 'quite' there just because I still prefer 먹쉬돈나; the one in Samcheongdong area. Other 먹쉬돈나's franchise in Myeongdong or Sinchon were not that delicious as compared to the one in Samcheongdong.

As you know, taste is pretty a subjective matter. Some people like it, some people don't. However, you should give this restaurant a shot if you ever have a craving of tteokbokki and happened to be around Hongdae area.

If you come during lunch hour and choose the set menu, fish roe fried rice with cheese is on the house.

Don't forget to try the Coolpis juice (쿨피스). Pineapple flavor is a great complement of this dish.

Ooopss..before I forget, you have to choose the spiciness level (from Level -1, 0 and 1 as told by Feia...weird level though..hehe). Trust me, level 1 is spicy enough.

매운 단계는 일 단계로요.

Meun dangye nen il dangyeroyo.

Spiciness level is level 1.

As usual, the magic sentence:

고기나 햄을 빼 주세요 / 고기나 햄을 놓지 마세요

gogi na ham el pae juseyo / gogi na ham el nochi maseyo

Please remove meat or ham / Please don't put in meat or ham

How to go to Crazy Tteok?

Go to Hongik Station, Line 2, Exit 9. Right after walking out from the exit turn left and walk until you find a small park and you might see some youngsters busking their own music.

Then take a right turn and make sure to look at the stretch of shops on your left just before the main road, Crazy Tteok is situated on the second floor above 'Oleavage'

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