Friday, September 13, 2013

Sinchon Uncles' Tteokbokki

The only food that I have missed terribly after I left South Korea - 떡볶이 tteokbokki!!

And...the reason why I only write a review on Sinchon Uncles' Tteokbokki, after so many months. *sigh*

I have been dillydallying and try my hardest not to salivate over pieces of delectable pictures....again and again *dem!! frustrated mode*. This is so killing me softly...

Why am I wearing winter clothes?! O-O

Feia and me visited Uncles Tteokbokki on 21.02.2013

엉클스(Uncles) in Sinchon 신촌 is infamous for serving tteokbokki with a wickedly huge, tender in the inside but crispy on the outside fried squid 통오징어 튀김 (tong ojingeo twigim).

I am so thankful to KBS documentary - VJ특공대 for having the restaurant in their show. The documentary (다큐) has been my bible for finding good and reliable 맛집 all around South Korea other than Wingspoon food portal.

Anywhooo...surprise...surprise!! Uncles' Tteokbokki is situated just next to that famous-spicy-sambal-sotong restaurant - Gosami!!

Why have I never realized this little gem before.....? *sigh* When it comes to food in Sinchon, it is always just Gosami in my subconcious mind but now...ahah! Another light bulb...^_______________^ problemo; just next to Gosami.

Feia suggested 복숭아쿨피스 (Peach Koolpis*...ohoho..pun aside)

I thought the juice went really well with the tteokbokki. You might need

to try one yourself to vouch for the taste too!

Here is the review for 복숭아쿨피스 (Peach Koolpise) on Naver blog but it is entirely in Korean. 

I was like...seriously?? seriously, a review??!!....hehehe..

If you're linguistically challenged by all means, read it. Practise reading Hangul more and get your lazy bum away from oggling at KPop idols!! Hahaha...*me talking to me self ya know...*'t deviate from the REAL story...let's talk more about this tteokbokki shall we?

The taste? Heavenly

The portion? Enough for 2 people ( I swear that Feia gobbled most of the portion away...heheh...just joking Feia)

The ambiance? Kinda inviting, we loved the place for sure.

The price? 3,800 won per pax for the tteokbokki + 6,000 won for ojingeo twigim (fried squid) and 3,000 won for the juice. (price may change). Our total = 16,600 won.

Almost cleaned plate..except for one or two pieces of rice cake left.

Although I am a tteok-bo but I just couldn't finish the hearty meal.

More mouthwatering revealing pictures of this superb Uncles Tteokbokki in Sinchon - A review by Orange

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