Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yeosu-Jeju Spring 2013 Excursion - summary

So this time I decided to take some time off from my routine.

Burnt out. Period.

Earlier in April...Feia, Lisa and me planned an impromptu trip; a 4 days 3 nights getaway to the southern part of South Korea - Yeosu and Jeju Island.

I have never been to Yeosu before, so I'm a bit excited to see the beach. Never been a fan of crowd so I am grateful that I don't go gaga over Yeosu Expo's hype back in 2012.

But the trip to Jeju Island this time was like saying farewell to my lover so it rained cry me a river sorta..hehe.

Just summarizing our trip expenses for your general idea. The rate may change in future so this is just for comparison.

20th April

Subway - Sinchon station to Express bus terminal station = 1,150 won (T-Money)

Snack - Paris Baguette and milk ~ 4,000 won

Bus to Yeosu = 33,800 won

Total = 38,950 won

21st April

1 night stay at Yeosu = 45,000won / 3pax = 15,000 won per pax

Snack from convenience store ~ 2,000 won

Tram ride at Udong Island = 500 won

Bus in Yeosu city ~ 4,000 won about 3-4 trips

Snack - Paris Baguette ~5,000 won

Lunch in Yeosu = 8,000 won per pax

Snack and dinner in E-mart ~ 6,000 won

Coffee at A Twosome Place ~ 7,000 won

Total = 47,500 won

22nd April

Bus to Mokpo = 13,000won per pax

Taxi from Mokpo bus terminal to Mokpo port = 5,800won per ride / 3 pax ~ 2,000won er pax

Snack at 7-Eleven ~ 3,000 won

Bus from Jeju Port to Jeju Airport ~ 1,500won (local bus, 1 transfer)

Car Rental from KT Rental  ~ 58,000 won for 2 days / 3 pax ~ 19,300won per pax

Lunch at Jeju city = 4,500won

Chocolate drink at ChocoArt = 4,500won

2 nights stay at Jeju Hiking Inn = 81,000won for 2 nights (triple bed) / 3 pax = 27,000won per pax

Total = 74,800 won

23rd April

Breakfast at Kimbap Cheongguk = 6,500 won

Bread and coffee at Tours Les Jous = 6,000 won

Umbrella from CU's = 8,000 won

Car Park at Seopjikoji = 500 won

Udo ferry entrance = 35,100 won for 3 pax + car entrance / 3pax = 11,700 won

Dinner and bun at Seogwipo local market = 10,500 won = 3,500 won

Total = 36,200 won

24th April

Breakfast Tours Le Jous = 3,000won

Petrol/gasoline refill = 49,400 won / 3 pax  ~ 16,500 won per pax

O'sulloc tea ~ 11,000 won

Flight ticket to Gimpo Airport = 54,100 won

Gimpo Airport to Sinchon station by AREX = 1,250 won

Total = 85,850

All total = 283,300 won  (~ RM849.90)

**conversion rate 1,000 won = RM3 for easy reference

**you might need to include 10,000won ++

There you go, 4 days 3 nights excursion to Yeosu and Jeju Island for less than 300,000 won or RM900!!

However, I didn't spend a single cent on souvenirs or splurged on shopping. Just bought the necessary stuff. So you might want to put some miscellaneous for shopping.

Ahhh..I miss this trip already and wishing for more chances to stroll Jeju beaches.

More pictures @ http://www.facebook.com/budgettravel2korea

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Crazy Tteok in Hongdae

This restaurant was recommended by Feia and she brought me and her sister for lunch after a leisure walk on a cool and breezy winter day around Hongdae Graffiti stretch.


Nadiah and Feia in front of the Crazy Tteok.

This was during winter 2013..around February.

The restaurant's ambiance is quite good, playing with red and yellow as the principal color of a pot of spicy tteokbokki. Nyammmmm!!

Don't forget to wear your apron!

The tteokbokki we had was quite delicious. The seafood portion was aplenty but somehow... lacking at least to my taste bud but Nadiah and Feia loved it. We ordered the seafood tteokbokki set and it came with tempura or twigim set.

I emphasized 'quite' there just because I still prefer 먹쉬돈나; the one in Samcheongdong area. Other 먹쉬돈나's franchise in Myeongdong or Sinchon were not that delicious as compared to the one in Samcheongdong.

As you know, taste is pretty a subjective matter. Some people like it, some people don't. However, you should give this restaurant a shot if you ever have a craving of tteokbokki and happened to be around Hongdae area.

If you come during lunch hour and choose the set menu, fish roe fried rice with cheese is on the house.

Don't forget to try the Coolpis juice (쿨피스). Pineapple flavor is a great complement of this dish.

Ooopss..before I forget, you have to choose the spiciness level (from Level -1, 0 and 1 as told by Feia...weird level though..hehe). Trust me, level 1 is spicy enough.

매운 단계는 일 단계로요.

Meun dangye nen il dangyeroyo.

Spiciness level is level 1.

As usual, the magic sentence:

고기나 햄을 빼 주세요 / 고기나 햄을 놓지 마세요

gogi na ham el pae juseyo / gogi na ham el nochi maseyo

Please remove meat or ham / Please don't put in meat or ham

How to go to Crazy Tteok?

Go to Hongik Station, Line 2, Exit 9. Right after walking out from the exit turn left and walk until you find a small park and you might see some youngsters busking their own music.

Then take a right turn and make sure to look at the stretch of shops on your left just before the main road, Crazy Tteok is situated on the second floor above 'Oleavage'

Sunday, April 14, 2013

North Korea Nuke Issue 2013

Source: Korea Times ( 11th April 2013)

So many has been asking repetitive questions to me on the safety of traveling to South Korea especially when the peninsular has been bombarded by countless threats from North Korea in the recent event.

I, personally could not guarantee your safety. Period. 

But, what I feel right now is not anxiety or alarmed by the same old story. 

People who live outside of South Korea were scared by the everyday news displayed by the media in their countries but truthfully, the Koreans and that includes me; we live life as normal as it can get. 

Heck...even the video shown in the news was the old one and repetitive. Media, please update yourself.....*sigh*

No one knows the future for one is not God. 

As a Muslim, I believe in God's Qada' and Qadar which means destiny and divine foreordainment. I just pray for everyone's safety and mine too.

If you are in South Korea now, let your embassy know your details:

  1. name

  2. phone number in Korea 

  3. address in Korea 

  4. reference (someone in your home country) and their phone number

For Malaysian embassy, you may contact:


129 Dokseodang-ro ( Hannam-dong)




Republic of Korea  



+82-2-795 9203 (General Line)

+82-2-2077 8600 (General)

Fax: +82-2-794 5488/ 5480

Email: malseoul@kln.gov.my

How do I proof that there's only peace in South Korea now and not a single trace of chaos in sight?

Pictures!! ^^

Look at these pictures, I just had a cherry blossom picnic YESTERDAY dated 13th of April, 2013 at Yeoido Park with my friends: Feia, Saddam, Zuruel, Lisa and Jun Yun Jae.

We had nasi lemak, chicken rendang, nasi himpit, serunding,

Mister donut and Baskin Robbin's ice cream for Yeoido Cherry 

Blossom gathering! ^^

Look at the crowd going for the Yeoido Cherry Blossom Festival 2013!

This was in front of National Assembly Station, Line 9, Exit 1.

After the picnic at Yeoido Park, me and Feia went to Sinchon to appreciate spring festival under the cherry blossom which is just right in front of my house.

The view in Sinchon last night on 13th April 2013.

If that is not PEACE, what is? *look at my hand gesture? ^^*

Pray for peace in South Korea, your safety and ours. There's nothing to be afraid of.