Monday, March 4, 2013

Nipong Naepong Restaurant at Ewha University

On my last hunt for Jjamppong in Hongdae, I found another worthy restaurant to try near Ewha University through Naver (Korean search engine).

Being a freelance tour guide, it's becoming a situation for me to vary the restaurant that I will visit. This is because the problem is with me! ^^ Hehehe..

My guests would find it an amazing experience to savour Korean dish but for me who had the same meal like once a week at the same restaurant?? A big big issue. Hot issue. ^^

I was even asked by the cute waiter in Gosami "Aren't you sick of our food?" That made me think...hmm..kinda, but Gosami is good!! Two thumbs up!!

This time I found a gem. Nipong Naepong.

They serve fusion jjamppong and pizza.

They also have set menu:

Set 1 - 2 types of jjamppong, a pan of sweet potato pizza and a soda for 21,900 won

Set 2 - 2 types of jjamppong, a pan of garlic pizza and a soda for 20,900 won

Tip: The jjamppong serving is huge. I think it's better to share the set menu for 3 to 4 pax.

Warning: Just avoid Alaska ppong as it contains meat.

Sweet potato pizza, cha ppong, Italia ppong (like carbonara) 

and Thailang ppong (like fried udon).

The Chappong (Chinese jjamppong) is kinda spicy and have level of spiciness from Level 1 to 3. My advice is to stick to level 1. It's spicy enough. Trust me on this one. Hehehe.

I love the ambiance in Nipong Naepong Ewha University's joint. Feia had been to Myeongdong's joint but the ambiance was not as great as in Ewha she said.

With Feia and Syahir's family. See that huge portion? I ordered

one jjamppong each and we couldn't finish everything. T_T

So far I had been there with 2 groups of my guests and with Feia too and all of them vouched the food was quite good and I think they suit Malaysian's palate.

From the 6 types of jjamppong served, one of them contains meat - Alaska ppong. I asked the waiter to exclude meat if they cook it but she was kinda reluctant. So I just stick to my five other menus which she told me contain no meat, just seafood.

My favorite: Spanish ppong - cause it's not spicy and Thailand ppong - cause I just miss Mee Goreng Mamak. T_T

Huda, Acik Salamah and Baby Fateh couldn't keep

his eyes off from the delicious sweet potato pizza.

However as usual, you have to remind them these secret passages:

고기나 햄을 빼 주세요 / 고기나 햄을 놓지 마세요

gogi na ham el pae juseyo / gogi na ham el nochi maseyo

Please remove meat or ham / Please don't put in meat or ham

How to go to Nipong Naepong?

Ewha University joint - go to Ewha University subway station, line 2, exit 3. Walk down the main road towards Ewha University and turn right on the first junction. Walk up the hill about 20 meters and the restaurant is on your left.

Myeongdong joint - go to Myeongdong subway station, line 4, exit 8. Walk on the junction on your left until you find Basic House clothing shop on your right and then turn left into the alley in front of the shop. Nipong Naepong is on the second floor.

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