Tuesday, January 15, 2013

JYJ's Jaejoong Coffee Cojjee

Alright, it's partly true that I have become an addict after I came to Korea.

I'm a coffee addict.

Addicted to fresh brewed coffee.

Who won't be tempted by the ubiquitous cafe's on Seoul's street with inviting ambiance and creative interior design to boot.

As if a cafe' trip as one of your must ticked bucket list has become a necessity. ^^

I'm actually crying inside..a so fakey smile..T_T

But JYJ's Jaejoong Coffee Cojjee is definitely a bummer.

A cup of Americano here is 4,800won..go figure ^^

I'm sorry..no offense to any 사생팬들 out there but I expect more than just coffee when I paid a ridiculous amount at Cheongdam-dong.

The picture is not justified..seriously.

Let me repeat..it's Cheongdam-dong!! What the heck are you doing with that half-hearted effort on opening a cafe'??? It's not even worth mentioning this cafe' in my blog. Aigoo...


First of all, it should have been a full fledged cafe' with nice interior and creative sense of direction. Jaejoong, you are an artist for god sake.

Secondly, I was disappointed by the cafe's entrance. Not welcoming. Period. I didn't lost my way up to the cafe' but I lost my way inside the cafe'. How frustrating can that be?

Thirdly, don't even talk about the coffee. Super pissed off by the cappuccino standard here. I am a cappuccino lover and I order the same coffee everywhere I go.

Don't you dare order cappuccino here. I would prefer going to Paul Bassett or So Ji Sub's A Twosome Place.

Finally, only fans who crowded the cafe'. We were with Japanese and Chinese fans.

I think the first thing he needs to do is to change the cafe's name. Cojjee sounds like 거지 goji which means beggar or a bum.

See the connection? Coffee Cojjee is a 'bum'mer.

Nuff said...even after my heartfelt confession, I still have some kinda '정' in my heart.

Here is the direction to JYJ's Jaejoong Coffee Cojjee.

First, go to Gangnam Station, Line 2, Exit 11 and walk straight until you see Uniqlo and ABC Mart on your right. Cross the main road on your left and take bus 440 (blue color) to LG Art Hall. The bus stop is in the middle of the road.

Once you ride the 440 bus, if you don't understand Korean..make sure you listen to the announcement or count the stops. By right, LG Art Hall should be the 8th stop excluding Gangnam Station.

After you get off the bus, the main road is behind you, take your left and walk straight until you find:

  1. Tag Heuer Shop and then walk up the road next to the shop as seen in the picture.

  2. Next, you will see '74' shop on your left. 

  3. Goshen on your right

  4. Boon the shop; at the end of the T junction, turn left

  5. Queen's Park is on your left

  6. Before you pass Klele Klele Butcher's cut, you will see an alley on your right, turn right and walk up the hill

  7. Mahna Mahna boutique will be on your right

  8. The road signboard is just above you and just walk straight ahead

  9. Tada...You have arrived at Coffee Cojjee

To Jaejoong and his fan, no hard feeling. 사생팬, please don't bombard me with hateful comments. 

그럼 이만..빠이 ^^

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