Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sundubu Sesame Stew at Gwanghwamun

One of the privileges of learning and knowing Korean language is you have the ability to understand speeches in train..ㅋㅋㅋ and to some extend open to many options you could have while travelling in Korea.

But learning is not always. ^^

Anyway..that's not my point that's why I always failed my essay test. Now I know that my teacher is always right! Huhu...

Anyways..*can 'anyway' be plural?* you see why I blabber so much on my intro.

I was famished cause I haven't had my breakfast and was out to assist Min Young on her quest to do Working Holiday in Europe. O-O...nope, I'm not going with her. Rest assured. I need more gold to go..not a typo. Yes gold aka $$$.

So before we checked out Working Holiday office, we went for a quick lunch but I have no idea on what should I eat today? You know...sometimes you kinda have this problem..right? Like..I don't wanna eat rice today..hmm..what should I eat...bla bla bla.

Since it was lunch hour, we decided to follow a group of men in black suits. Hahha..that was so random!!

See..all men in black. ^^

My justification: They are office workers so they must be going out for lunch now and they probably know where is a good place to have lunch.


We were right! ^^ I am so proud of myself.

Some of you might be scared to enter this restaurant. It looks like PAMA's restaurant (Papa and Mama) where there's no English menu and no foreigner ever stepped in.

But...I am so in love with their Sundubu Sesame Stew (영양순두부들깨탕 - yeongyang sundubu derkke tang) for 6,000won.

The taste is so heavenly. 고소하다...I love tofu and I love sesame. They are a perfect match made in heaven. I couldn't finish the whole thing..too much for my stomach. The side dishes are cabbage kimchi, radish kimchi, seaweed, peanut and achovies and spicy mackerel...nyamm!!

We were lucky that we didn't have to wait during lunch hour and this was after the storm...huhu.

How to go to 감미 가정식백반 (Gam mi Ka jeong shik baek ban)?

Get out from Gwanghwamun Station, Line 5, Exit 7 and walk towards Gyeonghuigung palace; about 400 to 500 meters. Once you pass the palace's main gate, the restaurant is just about 5 meters away.  

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