Friday, February 1, 2013

Sonppong - Jjamppong and Pizza in Hongdae

Do you remember Ahn Jung Geun?

Nahhh...he's not a K-pop talent. He's a patriot! Wow...sounds cool right?

But this is cooler..look at what I found!! A restaurant bearing Ahn Jung Geung's infamous hand sign 'extracted ring fingger'.

That sounds so wrong and gross for a is not a 'bloody' restaurant. Ooppss sorry for the pun. Sonppong restaurant is a cool place to chill out and meet friends.

I definitely love the food and the ambiance.

I was actually looking for Jjamppong in Hongdae via Naver search engine and I found this restaurant. Not that hard to find, if you have been to Hongdae and know where the location of Coffee Prince Cafe' is.

Sonppong's  are fusion jjamppong with pizza as another dish. The setting is simple, the ambiance is inviting and the food was done just right.

You have to remind the waiter to remove any meat or ham though like this:

고기나 햄을 빼 주세요 / 고기나 햄을 놓지 마세요

gogi na ham el pae juseyo / gogi na ham el nochi maseyo

Please remove meat or ham / Plese don't put in meat or ham

I love the original jjamppong that they serve. It reminded me of Tomyam..ok..not that close cause it's not that spicier, no sour taste but the overall taste is balanced in this jjamppong and I quite love it.

The only pizza that I can eat is the sweet potato pizza. Nothing too great cause I love Pizza School sweet potato pizza better.

We took a set menu: jjamppong + pizza + soft drink for 2 pax is 16,000 won.

How to go to Sonppong in Hongdae?

Go to Hongik Station, Line 2, Exit 8 and turn right after the exit and walk towards the first junction in front of you.

Walk straight until you see a little park on your left, cross the first small roundabout and turn left passing all the BBQ restaurants.

Walk until you see the second roundabout and turn right at the junction.

Walk until you find the signboard for Wausan-ro 29 Da-gil and turn right.

It would take you about 10 minutes walk from Hongik Station to the restaurant.

This restaurant has been designed by 3plusdesign.

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